Technology is a constantly growing and improving field, so it is now possible to move cars in space and clean the house with just one click. Just as smartphones are becoming more and more amazing, medicine has also expanded its horizons by taking advantage of new technologies to transform its practice.

Information and communication technologies applied to health care have positively impacted the worldwide field in recent years, even more so since the pandemic's beginning. Although the main concept was born in the 70s with the first developments (computers, internet, phones, etc.), Telehealth now uses these technologies to fight against demographical barriers by increasing access to care, diagnosis, and treatment, especially in faraway areas.

But automated healthcare is not new. It had been years in the making and got the push it needed to establish itself thanks to the pandemic. 

Now, physicians can monitor critical patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) away from the hospital, treat diabetes automatically from home, even treat minor illnesses through calls or texts. Telehealthis useful in any side of medicine, and its frontiers are expanding every day.

What exactly is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the provision of health-related information and services through technology and electronic telecommunications. It enables physician-patient contact, care, counseling, reminders, education, intervention, follow-up, and remote admissions.

Therefore, it is a key tool for making healthcare more sustainable and improved: cost savings, more efficiency, and a significant improvement in healthcare provision in remote regions or far from a facility.

90% of medical consultations do not necessarily require a face-to-face encounter. About 75% of people prefer an online consultation over an in-office visit, especially because ''they feel safer'', ''it is more private'', or because time limitations prevent them from going directly to the office.

And here is a key phrase, ''lack of time''. How often have you not paid attention to health problems because of a lack of time to attend a consultation? While face-to-face consultation does have its benefits, the biggest advantage online consultation has over the first is immediate care and early diagnosis.

Telehealth and erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse, leading to self-esteem, self-perception, and relationship problems.

This condition of vascular or psychological nature also has a strong stigma, as countless patients do not talk about it for fear of judgment and shame. 

Men with ED tend to think that they are not enough or incapable of satisfying their partner sexually, causing anxiety, depression, and embarrassment that increases every time they try to have sex.

Since ED produces such thoughts and problems, telemedicine presents itself as the best alternative thanks to its confidentiality, greater convenience, and immediate care. Many people experience the so-called ''white coat syndrome'', which consists of a rise in blood pressure immediately after arriving at the doctor's office.

Telemedicine saves you from a personal meeting or from the anxiety of attending a doctor's office. Makes you feel more confident and safe.

Taking care of your sexuality has never been so easy

Sexual health is an important part of everyone's life, as it influences the physical, mental, emotional, and social spheres. Therefore, it contributes to well-being and individual happiness.

In addition, a condition such as ED can be an indicator or risk for other severe and chronic life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, renal and even neurological diseases.

Early consultation through a platform that respects 100% your identity, allows private communication between you and the doctor, as well as not limit you in time and space is, so far, the best way to fight against stigma and ED's progression.

Telemedicine allows ED treatment to be earlier, easier, and more confidential<, so you feel more comfortable talking about your feelings and symptoms in every consultation.  

What does online ED diagnosis consist of?

First, you must choose the provider of your preference and opt for its online consultation section. 

Second, you must follow the steps that their platform states if you want an online consultation. Then, a health professional in ED will attend you via phone, video call, or any of the provider's communication ways.

A typical two-way video call between you and the physician is called synchronous. It can be live and through a phone or laptop.

Asynchronous consultations are the opposite. They are recorded information exchanges between you and the physician or provider, like an email or educational video. 

There are also other ways of Telehealth, such as remote patient monitoring through specialized programs or mobile apps (so-called mHealth).

What to expect from an online consultation?

Depending on how the health care provider handles consultations, they may be scheduled or instant. Some ask you to choose a date, while others may provide care when you ask for the consultation.

You may have to fill in some forms with your primary medical data, the reason for your consultation, personal information and any other relevant information.

With Doko, you can experience a mobile application uniquely designed for online medical assistance. Once you download the app from your favorite app store, you can access, select your online consultation, connect with any of our specialists, talk through a video call and receive a timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Everything at the palm of your hand and in the comfort of wherever you are, with no time, transportation or location limitations.

ED treatment

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in many ways, from psychological therapy to pills and surgery in a few cases. 

While the drugs of choice are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors like sildenafil and tadalafil monitoring other ED-related health parameters such as blood pressure is also essential in the treatment.

Risk factors that may predispose to ED must also be addressed, such as heavy drinking or smoking, age, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, medications, etc.

Broadly speaking, treatment is multidisciplinary and requires psychological interventions, lifestyle modifications and in-time professional medical care.

Do not postpone treatment if you have or think you have ED. Remember, the earlier you get care, the better for your personal well-being.


Online Treatment for ED at Doko MD

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