It is a fact that being in nature can make us feel good. We have known this amazing fact for centuries. The beautiful scent of the trees, the sunlight coming through the leaves, the sounds of the forest, and the fresh air—these things provide us with a sense of relaxation. Forest bathing is a method of enhancing our connection with nature. Forest bathing has widespread benefits for health and wellbeing. Also, it has grown as an antidote to the stresses of modern-day living.

The forest bathing:

Forest bathing is using your time to unwind and connect with nature to enhance your health. It is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere. The method of forest bathing was adopted by the Japanese. They believed that interaction with the forest would help man to get the benefit for both physical and mental health.

Benefits of forest bathing:

As we all know, in the presence of Covid-19 and beyond, our connection with nature will continue to play a very important role in healing and sustaining wellbeing. Forest bathing is proven to decrease stress hormone production. It also improves feelings of happiness and frees up creativity. Forest bathing also boosts the immune system and accelerates recovery from illness.

It helps prevent cancer:

Forest bathing has been proven to prevent or reduce the risk of cancer. It increases the number and effectiveness of natural killer cells. These cells are essential for the fight against cancer. Besides, this method also gives both physical and mental health, aspects that are essential in the prevention of any kind of disease.

Decreased Risk of Heart Attack

Forest bathing studies have shown its ability to significantly decrease blood pressure, stress levels, and pulse rate. A walk through the trees will also increase your body’s adiponectin levels. All these things have an anti-inflammatory effect on blood vessel cells, and they have been shown to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Reduced Stress:

We can easily lose perspective of what’s important when we’re surrounded by the noise of daily life. It can also lead to anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Every success starts with a new beginning. If we disconnect from the mundane and arbitrary aspects of daily life and connect with the simplicity of nature, it can lift those heavy burdens in an instant. Anxiety or stress, don’t let your sickness control your life. Doko is there to bring you the new beginning of your wellness.

Boosts immune function

As mentioned above, trees emit an aromatic substance called specifically phytoncides. As proven in many studies, phytoncides naturally increase human natural killer cells.

Accelerate the rate of recovery:

The view of the woods through the hospital window has shown a better rate of recovery. Studies have shown that patients recovering from illnesses and surgery got better after being shown to the forest through forest bathing. Their stress levels remarkably decreased as their immune system got stronger, and recovery was increased. These patients were found to need less medication as their conditions got better.

More energy and Better Sleep

Many of us feel the re-energized feeling we get from taking a deep breath in a natural atmosphere. Forest bathing has been shown to enhance vigor and fight fatigue. At the same time, it accelerates hormones and processes in our body that help in sleep.

Improved Mood and Creativity:

Studies have shown that spending time fully immersed in nature and completely disconnected from technology like smartphone devices allows the body to release ‘happy’ hormones. This hormone improves your sense of emotional health while also enhancing your creative critical thinking skills.

Increase ability to focus:

According to some research, just looking at pictures of the woods considerably increases the ability to focus. Forest bathing conveys that forest walkers have a better attention span as well as good concentration. When you complete a fatiguing task, and you have to focus on another one, later on, interacting with nature through a forest bath helps boost the ability to focus.

To sum up, all, forest baths help one to put all of his or her senses into use while on the trip. It also allows one to disconnect from the busy world and connect with nature. The effects of the forest bath help one to have an increased sense of happiness.